IHS Packaging Options

Compliance Packaging

With our state-of-the-art compliance packaging system provided by AmerisourceBergen, each inmate will receive a small box containing a roll of med packs. Each individual-pack is clearly marked with the inmate’s name, your facility name, and a description of its contents (this includes the name, strength, and description of each drug).

  • No more sorting out medications from bottles or blister cards. Your staff tears off the pack for the designated med pass and delivers it to the inmate. It only takes a few seconds to confirm the pack’s contents.
  • Easy-to-read packs help you administer with greater accuracy. Since all medications are contained in one pack, you drastically lower the risk of giving the wrong medication at the wrong time. 
  • Fewer errors mean fewer liability problems which reduces the likelihood of costly legal actions.
  • A better medication administration program means less overhead and more money to operate your facility. IHS Pharmacy offers the most cost-effective way to dispense inmate medications.

Blister Card Packaging

We offer the traditional blister cards if this style is preferred. With a blister card, a single medication is packaged, usually in a 30-day supply, on a “blister card” with a patient label on the card. If a patient is on multiple medications, the patient will have multiple blister cards!