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Roy Sanderson, Pharmacist, with daughter, Myra Sanderson, Attorney

Roy Sanderson, Pharmacist, with daughter, Myra Sanderson, Attorney

Independent Health Services, Inc. (IHS Pharmacy) is a family-owned business located in northeast Alabama. Roy Sanderson, the President and owner of IHS, has been in the pharmacy business for more than 50 years. During these years, he has practiced different kinds of pharmacy, including retail, respiratory, and most recently, since 1999 with IHS, correctional pharmacy.

IHS specializes in providing medication and pharmaceutical services to city, county, and some private correctional facilities. Currently, IHS serves approximately 300 correctional facilities, in 24 states. IHS’s correctional facilities range in size from the smallest city jail with just a few inmates on medication, to large, private prisons and detention facilities with capacities in excess of 1500 inmates.

The Sandersons have always tried to be at the forefront of pharmacy technology. In fact, IHS was founded because of a specialty medication packaging machine that the Sandersons acquired to provide medication for assisted living facilities. The machine, called AutoMed, is able to package patient-specific medications in packets by dose, in time and date order, with the packets attached together in a strip.

The Sanderson Family

The Sanderson Family

Medication dispensed by the AutoMed machine is more accurate than medication dispensed by human pharmacists. Additionally, medication administered in the packaging provided by the AutoMed machine is much less likely to be administered to the wrong patient or incorrectly. Finally, medication in AutoMed packaging requires little or no “set up”, and therefore, it greatly reduces staff time spent preparing medication for administration.

What Our Client’s Say

Our facility changed to IHS Pharmacy five years ago and we haven’t looked back since. As an Administrator I have enough day to day issues occurring, I know with IHS, medication is one less worry I have to concentrate on. Their competitive prices have cut my medication expenses in half! Their staff has always been professional, friendly and very helpful and I look forward to continuing my business with them.
Amy Clark, Jail Administrator, Johnson City Detention Facility, TN
IHS has been our pharmacy provider for several years. They give great service and take care of our every need. They give us personal service and their staff is wonderful to work with.
Rita Wilson, RN, Grayson County Detention Center, KY
IHS Pharmacy is top notch. The entire staff at IHS is courteous and work hard to meet our needs. When I order medications/supplies, I generally have it when I get to work the next day. Local, fast, professional, cost effective, dependable, one stop shop, simple. No need to look any further if you are in need of someone to take care of your facility.
Lt. Jonathan Langley, RN, Medical Administrator, DeKalb County Corrections, AL