Medication Packaging

IHS offers two types of medication packaging for patient-specific prescriptions: AutoMed compliance packaging and medication blister cards. With the AutoMed compliance packaging, each patient’s medications are packaged at the pharmacy in a strip of unit-dose packets which last for two weeks. When the medication arrives at the facility, it is ready to be administered. The AutoMed packaging eliminates the need for a staff person to make decisions concerning which medications should be administered at particular times and then to repackage the medication from bottles or blister cards to envelopes or cups in order to deliver to the inmate.

While it is clearly a secondary packaging choice for our facilities, IHS does currently dispense almost 20,000 medication cards a month. So, we are very familiar with the blister packaging also, and are happy to provide medication in this packaging at the same cost as in the compliance packaging if a facility prefers it.

Does IHS Pharmacy assist with paperwork?2017-08-14T15:27:29+00:00

paperwork Yes. We provide Medication Administration Records and medication usage reports.

How long will I have to wait for new prescriptions to arrive?2017-08-14T15:27:29+00:00

waitIf we receive your faxed prescription by 4 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, we will ship the medication overnight and you will have it the next day. If IHS receives a prescription from the facility after 4 p.m. CST Friday, the facility will receive the medication on Tuesday.

But what if my staff is comfortable using medication cards?2017-08-14T15:27:29+00:00

medcardsIf your staff is accustomed to and prefers using traditional medication bubble cards, IHS Pharmacy is happy to accommodate you. In addition to our popular med packs, we offer traditional bubble cards for medication management.